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Fringe Light Shades

Inspired by the decadent Hollywood lights of the mid century, our tiered fringe pendant shades make a statement wherever they’re hung.

Enjoy them in a variety of colours from poppy brights to softened 60’s and even dip dyed. Don’t see the colour you’re after? We can make them for you in whatever colour you’d like, just get in touch. Each shade is handmade here in the UK using metres and metres of soft, silky fringing, and is finished with a solid brushed brass top.


Art Prints


Interior loving prints including tropical art taken from original 1970’s screen prints, moody ariel landscapes of rural Britain, and a hand drawn series of zodiac illustrations that put a modern spin on our love of astrology.




Hand drawn by Margate based artist and illustrator, Eve Lloyd Knight, the ZODIAC collection takes our love for the mystical and gives it a modern, dreamy spin thanks to Eve’s signature style.

Beginning with Pisces in March 2019, one star sign will be released each month for a full year.

The ZODIAC art print collection is perfect for picture walls and presents, being printed on our favourite textured matte paper stock and signed by Eve.



A modern take on the Polish folk art, once designed to brighten a dark corner during the winter months, today are a colourful flourish where you might not have surface area or want something floor standing.

I make pajakis using some of natures most beautiful, tactical materials.




Bold and playful interior flourishes to style your space perfectly. 

Start a look, enhance a mood or finish a space with styling objects both new and one off.