Leo Art Print by Eve Lloyd Knight

Leo Art Print by Eve Lloyd Knight

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Our Zodiac collection continues with Leo
(23 July – 22 August)

This fire sign stands with the sun burning behind her, she shines with a noble quality that’s plain to see.

Our Leo is queen of the beasts. Here she’s full of disco fire and the courage of her sign. Of course, Leo is well known for her leadership, but she also has a soft underside with a generous and caring character and open heart.

Just like their tarot - Strength - we see her wearing her lion, tamed in her earrings which combine with sunflowers; the Leo flower.

Symbol = lion • Element = fire • Colours = orange
Tarot = Strength • Ruler = the sun

Size: 30 x 40cm

Shipping: Ready to ship in 4–5 days

Printed on our favourite lightly textured matte paper by Hahnemühle, and signed by Eve Lloyd Knight.

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For an extra £20 you can buy your print framed and ready to hang.

Each frame is simple and modern in matte white with a matching mount and high quality acrylic, and measures 44cm x 55cm x 3cm.


Hand drawn by Margate based artist and illustrator, Eve Lloyd Knight, the ZODIAC collection takes our love for the mystical and gives it a modern, dreamy spin thanks to Eve’s signature style.

If you have any questions or requests please get in touch.