Pisces Art Print by Eve Lloyd Knight

Pisces Art Print by Eve Lloyd Knight

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Our Zodiac collection begins with Pisces
(19 February – 20 March)

One of three water signs, Pisces is characterised by creativity, sensitivity, intuition and depth of feeling.

A dreamy sign with a spiritual sense, those born under this sign are empaths and thinkers. Here we see her in a dreamlike state, submerged in water amid flowing seaweeds, coral and tropical fish. On one hand sits the zodiac symbol for this ever moving water sign, and on the other a glittering aquamarine jewel, the Pisces planetary stone.

Size: 30 x 40cm

Shipping: Ready to ship in 4–5 days

Printed on our favourite lightly textured matte paper by Hahnemühle, and signed by Eve Lloyd Knight.

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For an extra £20 you can buy your print framed and ready to hang.

Each frame is simple and modern in matte white with a matching mount and high quality acrylic, and measures 44cm x 55cm x 3cm.


Hand drawn by Margate based artist and illustrator, Eve Lloyd Knight, the ZODIAC collection takes our love for the mystical and gives it a modern, dreamy spin thanks to Eve’s signature style.

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